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  JTM Co., Ltd.

What do you worry?

Worry 1

Is it worth importing from Japan?

Japanese cars are well known for high quality and reliability all around the world. Japanese used cars are low kilometers, good quality, well-maintained and very good price.

Worry 2

Whether the exporter is trustable?

You may have a lot of questions regarding to importing used cars from Japan first time. Please ask us any question or concern you have. We will reply one by one to clear your worries.Please see About JTM.

Worry 3

Vehicle Condition

We inspect strictly all the vehicles we deal and share all of these information with customers.So you do not need to worry about unknown problems.Please see Vehicle Condition.

Worry 4


If you decide not to purchase, the deposit will be refunded (bank charges are deducted). After the cars are purchased and if you decide to cancel, we can help you to resell your cars. It might lose some money.

Worry 5


We keep you updated on the shipping schedule.
We will send you the copy of the Bill of Lading after the ship leaves Japan.
So you know your car actually left for your port.

Worry 6

Import Procedure

It is very easy step. You can do everything by yourself.
Please bring all the documents we provide to the customs office and fill out forms and pay duty on the spot.
It might look very complicated at the first time, but you will get used to it.