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  JTM Co., Ltd.

Used Car Stock Process

  1. Register Membership

  2. Please register Used Car Export.Com membership and Import Japanese Used Cars.
  3. Order your cars

  4. Send us the purchase order form with the stock number, car name, and model of vehicle that you would like to purchase.
  5. Order Confirmation

  6. We will send you e-mail that we receive your purchase order sheet.
  7. Vehicle Reserve

  8. We are not able to hold the vehicle until we confirm the deposit.
    As soon as we confirm the deposit, we will hold the vehicle for you.
    We will send you the invoice indicating total price of vehicle.
    Please send it back with your signature.
    If the vehicle is reserved or sold to the other person when we confirm your
    deposit, please use that deposit for another purchase order
  9. The final payment

  10. You need to pay the remaining balance of full payment in 3 business days.
    At the same time, please e-mail or fax us the bank remittance document.
    If you do not pay the full amount in 3 business days, your order will be
    cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded.
  11. Shipment

  12. As soon as we confirm the full payment, we will arrange the next available shipment. We will keep you updated on the shipping schedule information.
  13. Documents

  14. As soon as the ship leaves Japan, we will send you all the importing documents by EMS, DHL or FedEx.
  15. Pick up your car

  16. The shipping company will directly contact you about the arrival date.
    Please bring all the importing documents to the custom and pick up your car.