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1. Import Procedures

What documents does UsedCarExport.com provide?

We will send you the following:
  • Customs Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
*Depending on your country's import regulations, documents other than the ones listed above may be required. Please contact your local custom in your country for details.

Do I need to contact a custom agent in my country?

If it is your first time importing a vehicle, it is recommended that you work with a local customs agent to facilitate the importing process. Please consult with your local agent as soon as successfully bid on a car from our website. They will quote you any extra costs that might be necessary after the vehicle arrives at the destination port, and will also give you all the instructions needed to register your new car in your country.

How do I find a customs agent?

You can use the internet to find a customs agent near you, or may contact us for a list of preferred customs agents in your region.

When will I get my car?

Contact your customs agent and confirm the exact arrival date of the vessel. You can then arrange with the agent the ideal pick up date.
*Please be aware that if there is a delay in picking up your car, storage fees may be assessed by the destination port. Your agent will give you details on how long the car can be stored without extra charges

2. About Usedcarexport.com

Who operates UsedCarExport.com?

Usedcarexpot.com is operated by JTM Co., Ltd.
*Please see About Us

Why should I use Usedcarexport.com??

How do you source your vehicles?

Our professional buyers carefully choose and purchase quality vehicles from certified auctions, wholesale car markets and selected partners to provide you with the best quality vehicles at an affordable price.

How often do you update your stock on the website?

We update our stock list every day.

3. About Membership

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

In order to allow you to easily maintain your account, we ask purchasers to create a login account.
With free membership, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Do I have to become a member?

No, membership is not required to view our stock lists and prices. You can view most of our website without registration. However, to see all auction details, including pricing, please create an account.

How do I sign up as a member?

There are two ways to sign up as a member.
Once you have created an account, your user ID and password will be sent to your registered email address.

I forgot my password!

If you forget your password,
please click below and we will email your password to your registered email address.
Forgot your Password?

4. Buying a vehicle

I cannot find the car I am looking for.

Please provide us as many details about the vehicle you are looking for (year range, model, mileage, color, transmission, etc.). We work with many local dealers and retailers so we have many sources to get you your desired car.

How often do you update the stock?

We update the stock every day.

If I pay to have the vehicle inspected before purchase, what is inspected?

Using the auction vehicle condition report, we verify all details, including any damage, as listed in the report.
We will note any discrepancies, so that you are confident that you understand exactly what condition the vehicle is in.

What are the steps to purchase a vehicle from your stock list?

There are four easy steps:

How do I purchase a car from an auction?

It is a fairly easy process:

How is my deposit used?

The deposit allows UsedCarExport.com to bid on your behalf. The deposit fee is refunded if you decide not to bid on any vehicles. If you win a bid, the net payable amount on your invoice will be the winning bid minus the deductible. You will receive an invoice for the deposit fee, as well as an invoice for the successful bid.

How can I get more information about the condition of the car I am interested in?

If you have a specific question about a vehicle, you may contact us. Please have the stock number ready for reference. In addition, for a very low fee, we will physically inspect the vehicle before the auction takes place.

How do I know if the vehicle is suitable for my country?

Each country has specific laws regarding the importation of vehicles. We will inform you if the vehicle you have inquired about is not suitable for your country.
You can also review our import regulation page. However, since regulations can change at any time, please also check with your local customs agent before purchasing. It is the purchaser's responsibility to confirm the import regulations of the final destination county.

For stock vehicles, what does the price on the website include?

Our website shows vehicle price (FOB) for all our stock. This is the price of the vehicle and the related documentation. Other fees, such as shipping fees, insurance fees, and other charges are also listed.

How can I find out the total price I have to pay?

All fees are listed on the How to Buy page. If you have any questions, please contact us to verify pricing.

When will I receive my invoice?

Once an auction is successful, we email your invoice to the registered email address of your account.

I purchased a vehicle from stock, but my payment is delayed. What happens next?

If we do not receive payment in full within the specified time on the invoice, your car may be put back into stock and resold, or it may be sent to auction.

5. About the Vehicle's Condition

How can I confirm the vehicle's condition?

All of our stock is inspected by professional mechanics, and the condition of each vehicle is described on the Vehicle Information Sheet on the web site. Please click to see "How to read Vehicle Information Sheet".

What if I am unhappy with the vehicle's condition?

This is a common concern. Please know that all vehicles sold by UsedCarExport.com are
genuine Japanese vehicles, and all of them are fully inspected by professional Japanese mechanics. We recommend purchasing vehicles that have a rating of 4 or higher.
The vehicles are fully drivable as is! However, if you are unhappy with the car after you receive the vehicle, we will work with you to resolve the problem.
Please contact us immediately.

What is Reg. Year?

Reg.Year(Regulation year) means the first year the vehicle is registered by law in Japan, and appears on all the documents of the vehicle itself; however, sometimes the Reg. Year differs from the year of manufacture of the vehicle.

How do you grade the vehicle?

During the quality control phase, our inspectors verify the vehicle's condition. Unless otherwise indicated, mechanical problems are fixed prior to sale. The grade is decided after the count of all scratches, dents and defects of the vehicle.

Do you tamper with the mileage of the vehicle?

We do not tamper with the mileage in the vehicle for any reason. The mileage of some vehicles are sometimes extremely low, but this is possible in Japanese cities where people mainly rely on public transportation.

Does the vehicle come with an English manual?

The vehicles are Japanese domestic models and are not equipped with an English owner's manual.

Why are there so few diesel engine vehicles?

The majority of vehicles produced in Japan have petrol engines. As a result, diesel automobiles are rarer and tend to be more expensive.
Click here to see all available diesel engine vehicles.

Why are there so few left hand drive vehicles?

Japan is a right-hand drive country so the Japanese do not produce left hand drive vehicles for the domestic market Japan.
We sometimes have left hand drive vehicles from Europe and/or America in stock.
Click here to see all available Left-Hand Drive vehicles.

Why are there so few Manual Transmission vehicles?

The majority of vehicles produced in Japan have an automatic transmission. As a result, manual transmission automobiles are rarer and tend to be more expensive.
Click here to see all available vehicles with Manual Transmission.

Will the GPS navigation system installed in the vehicle work in my country?

No, the GPS navigation system installed in Japanese vehicles works only in Japan. It is not possible to update its maps for other countries.

6. Costs

How much is the shipping cost?

Please click "Total Cost" on the vehicle information sheet to calculate the shipping cost to your nearest port. If you click the button and select the port of delivery, the shipping cost will be automatically calculated.

What does the maritime warranty cover?

The following are covered:
Warranty is valid while the vehicle is on the vessel only. (i.e. Warranty ceases once the vehicle departs from the vessel's gate.)
The above accidents do not occur often; however, they do occur unexpectedly.

How do I receive a proforma invoice?

Your proforma invoice will be sent to you by email.
Please proceed with your payment ASAP to ensure quickest shipment of your vehicle.

What is CIF and FOB?

CIF stands for (Cost + Insurance + Freight). It includes car cost, marine insurance and shipping fees.
FOB stands for Free On Board. It is the price shown on the vehicle listing.

How much will the total cost be that I have to pay?

Please check our How to Buy page for detailed information and examples. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions.
Please remember that you may need to pay import duty, customs clearing fee, and perhaps other fees according to your country's import regulations.

Are discounts available?

No, the vehicles listed are the fixed prices. However, we do offer reduced service fees if multiple cars are purchased.
Please see the How To Buy page for more information.

What is JAAI inspection?

The JAAI inspection is a paid certification of the quality of the vehicle approved by the JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute). In some countries, the Government requires JAAI inspection for imported used vehicles. Without JAAI inspection, you will be required to pay a penalty.

What is JEVIC inspection??

The JEVIC inspection is a paid certification of the quality of the vehicle approved by the JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre). In some countries, the local government requires JEVIC inspection for imported used vehicles. Without JEVIC inspection, you will be required to pay a penalty.

What does "consignee" mean?

The consignee is the person entitled to receive delivery of the goods. The name is listed on the Bill of Lading and all the documents relative to the vehicle we provide.

What is "RO-RO" shipment?

Shipment by Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) refers to shipment done with vessels where the vehicles are loaded and unloaded by driving them into and out of the ship, all vehicles are secured in their respective bays and are isolated from the elements during the sea passage. Such shipment is usually speedier and cheaper than container shipments. Ro-Ro shipments are not available for every destination.

What is "Container shipment"?

During container shipment, vehicles are loaded and fixed in a container (a big metal box of standard size). Shipment by container is very safe and covers almost all ocean ports in the world. It is usually more expensive and slower than Ro-Ro shipment.
As default, we provide quotations for shipments in 20 feet long containers. 40 feet containers are also available on request and might be convenient for purchases of multiple vehicles.

What is "Vanning"?

"Vanning" is the process of professionally loading and securing in place, vehicles inside a container to avoid damages in case of rough weather conditions during the transportation on the vessel.

What does "Final Destination" mean?

"Final Destination" defines the country where you will register your vehicle.

7. About Payment

How do I make a payment?

We accept bank (wire) transfers, as well as Western Union.
Our bank details are available here.

When is the payment deadline?

Payment must be made by the date shown on the invoice, which is usually 3 business days.

When happens if my payment is delayed?

Our stock will be sold upon "First come, First serve" basis.
Please arrange payment ASAP and send us payment copy to secure the car.
We will reserve the car upon your full payment. If payment is not made by the invoice date, your car may be sold to another purchaser.

When should I pay shipping cost?

The shipping cost is included in your invoice, which must be payed prior to shipment. As soon you have made your payment, please email our sales staff a copy of your invoice and the bank receipt, and we will send you confirmation.

What are your bank account details?

It is written on the invoice.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, you cannot make payment by credit card.

Do you accept my local currency?

We accept Japanese Yen, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pound and Euro.

Can I purchase at FOB prices?

Since there is an interval of time between purchase and shipping, we incur costs to ensure that your vehicle stays in good condition. Therefore, we cannot sell vehicles at FOB prices

How will I know when my payment has been deposited into your account?

It is very important that you provide us proof of payment to secure your order. Once the payment has been made, please send us a confirmation of payment together with the proforma invoice number or your given customer number by email.Once your payment is confirmed in our account, we will inform you by email.

8. About Shipment?

How long does shipment take?

Delivery of your vehicle to your nearest port will depend on the timing of your payment and the shipping company's schedule.
Please click below to see the approximate delivery times for each region.
Delivery time to your region

When will my car be shipped?

The shipping date is provided by the shipping company, but is not always accurate. Once we receive the bill of lading from the shipping company (usually within a week from the estimated shipping date, we can confirm with you the exact date the car was loaded on the ship.

How can I find out about the shipping schedule?

Booking will be arranged by us. Please wait to receive the departure and arrival date of your shipment via email from our logistics department within 2 weeks from the date of confirmation. In some cases, we will contact you to obtain further information that is needed before shipment, otherwise, leave it up to us.
We will advise shipment details once the vehicle is confirmed for shipment by the shipping companies. Please keep a note of the arrival date and confirm with the local shipping agent in case the arrival date has been changed. We strongly recommend that you contact your local customs agent or shipping agent to confirm the arrival date before you collect your vehicle.

What is the information required for shipment?

There are three different information required to confirm shipment of your vehicle.
Consignee Address
Information of the person, shown on the shipping documents.
This is the person who will receive the vehicle.
Courier Address
Where shipping document will be sent.
Notify Party
Contact person at the port of delivery. This is your customs agent in most cases.
Once you have provided this information, we can plan for shipping your vehicle and let you know
what the schedule will be.

To which countries do you export your vehicles?

We export to any country that allows importation of used vehicles from Japan. Please see the About JTM page for a list of current countries.

Why do you need my physical address?

The physical address is a requirement that has been set by the shipping companies and courier companies that will be involved in the delivery process.
Any discrepancies involved with consignee details can add to delays, so it is best to ensure the correct consignee details are listed.
We do understand that in many countries do not have physical addresses. If there is no physical address where you live, please include your street or building name and provide the nearest village or town name, together with the P.O. box address.

Can I track my documents once they have been dispatched?

Yes, you can track your documents. We usually use DHL for sending documents. They provide a tracking number on each package.

What is the customs clearance process?

Once the vehicle arrives at the port, it will be your responsibility to perform customs clearance. If you are not in a position to clear the vehicle personally, you can hire a local agent to perform customs clearance.
Please contact your local customs agent for the necessary steps to be followed well in advance of the arrival of the car.For vehicles with Durban as the destination port, the use of a customs agent is compulsory. Please tell us your preferred customs agent. If you do not know the agent, please contact us, and we will provide a list of our preferred agents.

What will I have to pay once I receive the vehicle?

Upon receipt of the vehicle you will have to pay port clearing costs, import duties and taxes, and any additional fee requested by your country or by the port of destination.
Please verify with local authorities or a good customs agent for more details.

What should I do after my car leaves Japan?

We will send you the Bill of Lading and other documents by air courier. Please take them to customs office and pick up the car.

9. Others

Can I order spare parts?

Yes, you can get Spare Parts Supply Service if you buy a car from us.

Do you have any representative outside of Japan?

At the moment, we only operate from our office in Yokohama Japan.

Why do Japanese people trade their vehicles in so early?

Many Japanese drivers love their vehicles and cannot wait to change their vehicle for new models. Most models are updated every 3-5 years.
Also, the registration system here in Japan is very expensive, at an average cost of US$1,200 per year. After 9 years it is no longer cost effective to register older vehicles.

Why is the mileage (KM) so low?

Many Japanese people travel to work on the train or bus, and there are very few parking spaces in Japan. Therefore, it is not convenient to drive to work.
Besides, the train systems in Japan are so efficient you can set your watch by the train timetables. Since many Japanese employees work late, there is not much chance to drive their vehicles during the weekdays.
That leaves only the weekends to enjoy driving their vehicles. The average Japanese car travels approx. 8,000km per year.

What is Usedcarexport.com's claim policy?

We are confident about our car quality, but if you are unhappy about the condition of your vehicle, please contact us ASAP to start the claims process.
claims process.
1. Claims are considered if the following conditions are met:
e above:
2. The Seller shall not be liable for;
  • a. interior damages that are judged as minor and/or cosmetic, including without limitation scratches, cigar burns, stains and cuts;
  • b. missing or damaged interior equipment (including without limitation shift knobs, head rests, sun shades, spare tires, jack tool kits, floor mats, cigarette lighter, and remote controls);
  • c. exterior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, tiny dents, holes and small rust); or
  • d. snow tires, after market alloy wheels, missing wheel lock nuts, or any consumable parts including without limitation oil, fuel, tire tread, air-conditioning gas, etc.

Can I amend the Bill of Lading?

The shipping company will not accept any application to change the B/L after the arrival date. Regarding the Mombasa port, Mombasa customs regulations does not accept any change before 7 business days of arrival. Please kindly check your document again and advise us immediately if there is any amendment.

10. Spare parts

Do you have parts?

In limited circumstances, we can source parts for you. Please use the inquiry form.