Japanese Used Cars Exporter UsedCarExport.com is operated by JTM Used Car Export. We are based in Yokohama, Japan. We export Used Cars from Japan to almost any country in the world. We have all the importing regulation information updated every year. We ship worldwide to private and car dealers online showroom. We hand-picked high quality used cars. We do all the paperwork including de-registration, custom clearance and shipping arrangement. Japanese Used vehicles Exporter and Auto Auction Agent support full inspections of all the vehicles. Export quality used vehicles worldwide locations. Japanese vehicle exporter in Japan import and export Japanese cars. (JTM Used Car Export) Import cars from Japan to UK, Australia, NZ, Canada, Monbasa, Tanzania.
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Used Car Auction Process
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1. Please register Used Car Export.com membership.
2. Send us the deposit
*If car would cost under JPY 1,000,000 » JPY 100,000
*If car would cost over JPY 1,001,000 » JPY 200,000
*If car would cost over JPY 2,001,000 » JPY 500,000
We need to hold the deposit before we bid on any cars.
Therefore we ask all the buyers to send us the deposit first.
Payment Method
We only take Telegraphic Transfer through banks.
We write all the cost in Japanese Yen Currency, but we are able to take US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Great Britain Pound, and European Union Currency.
In this case, we will send you the price in these currencies.
There would be currency exchange fluctuations.
For Western Union, please contact us.
Bank Charge
All the bank charges (sending charge on your side & receiving charge on our side) are burdened by the buyer.
If you do not take care of it, we will automatically deduct it from your deposit.
3. Order Your Cars
Please fill up the Auction order form with the lot number, car name, and bidding price.
We need to receive it by 7 am Japan time on the day of auction.
Bidding price is the car price itself.
Please place a bid at maximum price.
4. Auction Result
When we succeed
We will inform you if your bidding is succeeded. We will send you the invoice indicating total price of car. If we get the car lower than your bidding price, that will be your car price.
When we do not succeed
We will inform you how much the car is sold. Every time you place a bid, JPY 1,000- will be deducted from your deposit.
5. The final payment
Please pay the remaining balance of full payment in 3 business days.
At the same time, please e-mail or fax us the bank remittance document.
If you do not pay the full amount in 3 business days, your order will be cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded.
6. Shipment
We will be able to arrange the shipment as soon as;
-we confirm the full payment
-we get all the documents from the auction house
7. Documents
As soon as the ship leaves Japan, we will send you all the importing documents by EMS, DHL or FedEx.
-Export Certificate (in Japanese and English)
-Bill of Lading
-other documents as option (such as Marine Insurance, JAAI inspection, other Inspection)
8. Pick up your car
The shipping company will directly contact you the arrival date.
Please bring the documents (provided by us) to the custom and pick up your car

The deposit is refundable before we get the car from the auction.
But all the costs (ex. Inspection fee, Bidding Fee, Bank Charge) are deducted from the deposit.
After we get your car, the deposit will not be refunded.
If you cancel after you paid all the payment, 20% of total payment you paid is not refunded.
After we confirm the shipment, no money will be refunded.
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Japanese Used Car Exporter and Japanese Car Auction Agent support full inspections of all the vehicles. Export quality used cars worldwide locations.