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  JTM Co., Ltd.
Cost Cost (JPY)
Car Price
Bidding Fee
(Every time you bid on the car, it costs JPY 100-)
Successful Bidding Fee 19,000
Domestic Transportation Fee
(Please see the below chart.)
Shipping Charge (loading fee to the boat) 15,000
De-Registration and Customs Clearance 15,000
Service Fee (Per Car)
If the car costs more than JPY 1,000,000-, 1% of car price will be added.
Purchase 2-3 cars in a month, -JPY 10,000 per car.
Purchase 4-6 cars in a month, -JPY 20,000 per car.
Purchase 7-10 cars in a month, -JPY 30,000 per car.
Purchase under JPY 100,000 car, -JPY 10,000 per car.
Extra Extra (JPY)
Extra Shipping Charge (loading fee to the boat)
SUV and Van
3 Ton Truck
Big Truck
+ 3,000
+ 8,000
+ 20,000
Inspection Fee
We strongly recommend to Inspect the car you are going to bid
(Engine, Transmission, Electronic Devices, etc)
Marine Insurance*1% of CIF price (Minimum JPY 5,000-)
e.g. when the car price is JPY 300,000-, it costs JPY 5,000
Pre-shipment Inspection
JAAI Tanzania, Mauiritius
JEVIC Kenya, Uganda, ZambiaOther Inspection
For more information, please Contact Us.
For example, if you win Nissan Skyline at USS Tokyo and want to ship the car to Southampton port;
Details Price (JPY) Total Price
Car Price 700,000  
Successful Bidding Fee 19,000  
Domestic Transportation Fee 10,000  
Shipping Charge 15,000  
Custom Clearance 15,000  
Service Fee 50,000 FOB 809,000
FOB + Shiiping Fee to Southampton 73,000 C&F 882,000
C&F + Marine Insurance 7,000 CIF 889,000

Extra Charges for Example

Details Price (JPY)
SUV and Van 15,000 + 3,000
3 Ton Truck 15,000 + 8,000
Big Truck 15,000 + 20,000
Inspection Fee +500
Marine Insurance 5,000
Pre-shipment Inspection 20,000